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The Team

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Dr Richmond Asamoah

Principal Investigator

Dr Richmond K. Asamoah is a mineral resource engineer who has blended his extractive and processing expertise with surface, interface and data science, creating a unique, sustainable opportunity for future mining industries He has over twelve years industry and academia experiences. He has specialised diagnostic and prognostic skills in laboratory operations for industry-specific methodical investigations, and simulation and modelling of process flowsheets.

Richmond holds BSc (Hons) Minerals Engineering and PhD Engineering (Minerals and Resources), obtained from the University of Mines and Technology and University of South Australia, respectively. He has authored/co-authored over forty top quality refereed journal articles and conference proceedings, and over seventy industry and consultancy reports. He has also received several acknowledgements for research and contributions on key challenges in recent years through honours/awards, and attracted funding of over $500 000.00. His research interests are in physical separation and beneficiation of complex mineral ores, bio-hydrometallurgy, machine learning and data analytics and integrated process optimisation.

Prior to his PhD studies, he has played vital role in mining companies, consulting firms and research groups, and have displayed very strong goal-oriented, research potential and commitment towards improving the current industry technologies by solving key pertinent challenges in a timely manner. Following his PhD studies, he has also worked as a mineralogist, technical officer and senior technical officer at the Future Industries Institute, providing edge cutting and specialised technical support to researchers and industry partners. More recently, he has supported South Australian small and medium-sized companies in addressing business critical and pressing problems or issues through the Future Industries Accelerator (A 7.5 million investment from the South Australian State Government)

Principal Supervisor

Gertrude Acquah

PhD Candidate



James Bradford Dankwah

PhD Candidate

James Dankwah is a first-year PhD student in Minerals and Resource Engineering at the University of South Australia (UniSA). James holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Minerals Engineering from the University of Mines and Technology (UMaT), Ghana. His current research interest is in the area of coarse particle flotation where he seeks to explore the factors influencing the process and deduce means of its optimization.

Clement Lartey

PhD Candidate

Former Members

Kwaku Owusu Boateng, '23, Graduate 2019-2023, CSIRO

Philip Forson, '22, Graduate 2019-2022, MMG Limited

Bismark Amankwaa-Kyeremeh, '22, Graduate 2019-2022, Talison Lithium  

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